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Waters analytical solutions enable food laboratories to identify diverse chemical compounds, meet compliance requirements, decrease operation costs, increase productivity, and, most importantly, help ensure public safety.

The role of food testing laboratories has never been more critical. Safety, authenticity, sustainability and quality are of major concern to consumers, governments, and food producers.   These groups face a variety of challenges, including a growing number of food contaminants, more stringent regulations, protection of trade markets, preservation of brand image, and increased competition.

Waters is a leader in developing food testing systems that integrate:

  • Analytical Instrumentation (Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry)
  • Column & Sample Prep Chemistries
  • Lab Automation
  • Data Management Software

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Mycotoxins Analysis

The FAO estimates that 25% of the world’s food crops contain at least one mycotoxin

Vicam mycotoxin monitoring solutions to assure grain and feed quality. Quantify major mycotoxins within minutes. Get quantitative results for aflatoxin, fumonisin, vomitoxin (DON), zearalenone, ochratoxin A and T-2/HT-2 with:
•    Vertu TOUCH lateral flow strip test reader using Vertu strip tests, and
•    Myco 5-in-1 PLUS – an all-in-one, eco-friendly, solvent-free extraction method.

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Mass Spectrometry in Pesticide Analysis

Absolute power to easily quantitate your most challenging compounds –Xevo TQ Absolute

Detection of anionic polar pesticides in food samples with sub µg/kg limits of quantification using the new Xevo™ TQ Absolute - our smallest, most sensitive tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer.

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Mass Spectrometry in Food Analysis

The Power of Knowing - Rapid Direct Analysis – RADIAN ASAP Direct Mass Detector

The threat posed by food fraud has created additional demands on the food industry and regulators to protect food consumers. RADIAN ASAP and LiveID software allows users to easily and efficiently screen samples and make quicker decisions.

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Chromatography in Food Analysis

See more and do more with the ACQUITY™ Premier Solution

Enhancing sensitivity for vitamin analysis with innovative separation technology using the Waters ACQUITY™ Premier Solution to deliver the ultimate in chromatographic performance to give you more confidence in your analytical results.

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Microsep is a supplier of high technology laboratory and analytical instrumentation in Southern Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.  Via our principal, Waters Corporation, we offer the sale and support of chromatography systems, mass spectrometry systems, accessories, columns, sample prep chemistries and powerful data management software and informatics.