The food industry has been under enormous pressure in recent months with the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. But food safety remains our priority and that’s why you need to be at the Food Safety Summit SA 2021

Missed the event?

You can get access to the Summit Recordings until 31 July 2021 

About the Summit 2021

Our inaugural 2020 Summit focussed on all the lessons we have learned during this global pandemic. Although the pandemic is still top of mind, we do need to make sure we pay attention to the real food safety issues facing the food industry.

Our event is perfectly timed to mark the celebrations of World Food Safety Day 2021 on 07 June 2021 and thus it is fitting that we will be paying attention to the latest food safety innovations to ensure we are prepared to make safe food now for a healthy tomorrow.

The Food Safety Summit 2021 is a team effort and Anelich Consulting and Food Focus are proud to once again partner for this event. We look forward to teaming up with you too as we come together as food safety professionals.

"Teaming up for safe food now for a healthy tomorrow"

Our programme

We took your feedback from the 2020 Food Safety Summit very seriously and so this year our awesome jam packed schedule focusses on food safety hazards of all types with in-depth presentations on the latest trends in allergens, microbiological hazards and mycotoxins. We are not only discussing the what of this hazards but HOW to control too.

We have longer Q&A sessions after each speaker just for you!

We have sessions planned to legislation updates, retail food safety requirements and the impact of technology on food safety both now and in the future. Traceability is a hot topic as is food fraud.

Who should attend?

  • Food safety manager/professional
  • Food scientist
  • Food technologist
  • Risk manager
  • Food science/food technology student
  • Quality control manager
  • Quality assurance manager
  • Regulator