Food Safety Summit 2020

Catching up and moving forward in food safety into 2021

Bringing together international and national food safety and other experts to inform, challenge and inspire you to stay focused on the joint efforts that protect us as consumers.

3 November 2020

Welcome to South Africa's 2020 virtual food safety conference

COVID-19 has undoubtedly caused disruptions in many spheres, globally, not least of which is the food industry.  After a tumultuous year, the dawn of a new year is upon us. There is no better time to reflect on the events of 2020 and what the pandemic has taught us, related to food. 

In times of crises, more than ever, the provision of safe, affordable and nutritious food is key to supporting health. Food safety, food security, the food supply chain and economic challenges, amongst others are all important considerations that merit attention.  

In a unique partnership, Anelich Consulting and Food Focus invite you to join us as we explore the challenges the food industry and regulators have faced as a result of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, and the effect this will have on food safety in 2021, and beyond.  

Objectives of this Event

In a year that has seen many disruptions, it’s time to look at unpacking the “new normal”.

To this end, we want to answer some important questions:

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the food supply chain and what changes did suppliers and customers have to make to ensure the stability of supply?
  • How have measures implemented to prevent transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace affected food safety management systems?
  • How does a multi-national company navigate government responses and regulated requirements across different countries when faced with a pandemic of this nature?
  • What challenges were faced by businesses when training on COVID-19 and has this impacted on food safety training in any way?
  • How have regulators navigated the provision of science-based advice and guidance in the face of misinformation related to the virus and food/food packaging?
  • Has COVID-19 changed anything that a regulator should consider in the future to communicate effectively regarding food safety during a similar pandemic?
  • How has the pandemic affected food safety audits and management of food safety risks and what should be done in the future to mitigate potential risks during a similar crisis? 
  • How does one strike a balance between food safety and other considerations during lockdowns? What has COVID-19 taught us in this regard?
  • What can we take from the unprecedented events of 2020  to ensure our food safety management systems improve? 
  • What disruptions occurred in food distribution channels and what measures could be implemented to avoid this in the future?
  • Has the pandemic resulted in a different approach to overall risk management strategies?
  • What are some of the challenges we should prepare for in 2021? Aside from a pandemic, what about sustainability, food waste, emerging pathogens, and more? What other risks should be on our horizon scanning?



DATE: 3 November

TIME: 10h00 - 16h00

VENUE: Virtual

Target Audience

Anyone in the food industry with a responsibility and interest in food safety – CEO’s, Manufacturing and Retail executives, Operations Managers, Production managers, production supervisors, food technologists, food scientists, quality assurance and quality control,  product developers, consultants, food safety auditors, students, and more.

There's no need to book a flight or accommodation, you can participate from the comfort of your home or office with the menu of your choice!