30-31 MAY 2023

Our focus for this year’s Summit is People - they are our greatest resource, and our strongest food safety champions! We’ll bring you global insights and zone in on some of the fundamental issues that continue to provide challenges in our organisations, even though we have food safety systems and standards in place. 

The theme for this year’s World Food Safety Day is:
 “Food Standards Save Lives”.

Food should never be the cause of illness or death, yet over 600 million people fall ill and 420 000 die every year from eating contaminated food.  The need to focus on food safety is unquestionable. This year World Food Safety Day will highlight the role of established food safety practices and standards, which ensure food safety and quality.

Food standards are at the heart of food safety, they have been developed to regulate and provide voluntary standards to ensure safe food production from field to plate. People also play a vital role in safe food production – from cleaners to CEO  - each one is equally important to help make safe food. 

This year the World Health Organisation encourages food businesses to engage employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders to grow and develop a food safety culture; and to comply with national and international food standards. 

The programme for the Food Safety Summit 2023  supports those goals and will address food safety culture practices and developments, and focus on the systems and processes which form part of the standards we use every single day.

Look out for these great sessions:
•    The importance of the right culture in an organization, for success in food safety
•    Why are we still getting the basics wrong and how do we fix this?
•    Fixing the leak in your food safety management system
•    Food safety culture in supplier risk management
•    Maintaining the cold chain in e-commerce of food and during extended periods of load shedding at industry level
•    Food safety standards at Codex Alimentarius level


2023 VENUE

Premier Hotel OR Tambo
73 Gladiator Street
Kempton Park

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