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Your Questions Answered

Many of our delegates submitted additional questions to our speakers after the 2022 Summit - here are the answers

What challenges do you find in terms of balancing sustainability, quality, safety and cost?

Defining and implementing changes to existing products driven by sustainability targets brings challenges around important aspects of designing safe products, including new or alternative ingredients, modification to formulations, new or alternative packaging materials, and changes to supply chain & distribution conditions, amongst others. Above all, safety is a non-negotiable, and we use safety-by-design as our ‘north star’ principle, ensuring that all risks associated with these changes are identified and assessed, and consequently appropriate risk management options are defined and implemented during the make and distribution phase. Quality and cost are of course important elements of that equation. With the unprecedented situation we are experiencing regarding inflation and commodity cost, it is important to have well-governed and agile alternative supplier and alternative material programmes in place to enable rapid switches in ingredients and materials without jeopardising safety, quality and cost.
Dr. Alejandro Amezquita | Science & Technology Director, Unilever

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