Terms & Conditions

Delegates & Attendance


1. Payments from Delegates:

  • All invoices for the Food Safety Summit 2024 (FSS24) will be managed by Turners Conferences.
  • All presented quotes are valid for 10 (ten) days only.
  • All fees and/or costs are excluding VAT (unless otherwise specified).
  • A Proforma Invoice is generated on registration and immediately payable through an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or credit card. 
  • Payment terms of the registrations are based on full payment upfront.
  • Registration is only considered complete on receipt of full proof of payment.
  • All registrations will close on 24 May 2024. All payments must reach our account by 30 May 2024.
  • If payment is not received by close of business (COB) on 30 May 2024, your registration will be cancelled and access to the Summit will be denied.
  • The registration fee includes:
    • Name tag
    • Summit Bag
    • Tea/coffee
    • Light lunch
    • Access to the Summit Hall
    • Access to the Exhibition Hall
  • Foreign payments will include bank charges for your account.


2. Cancellations and Refunds:

  • All cancellations must be made in writing to the organisers, Leanne at leannea@turnersconferences.co.za.
  • All refunds will be issued after the Summit.
  • The following refund policy will be enforced (all cancellations will incur a 35% handling fee):
    • More than 2 months before event date = 100% of registration fee (01 – 29 February 2024)
    • Less than 2 months before event date = 65% of registration fee (01 – 04 April 2024)
    • Less than 1 month before event date = 40% of registration fee (05 April – 04 May 2024)
    • Less than 30 days before event date = 0% of registration fee (05 May – 03 June 2024)
  • Any persons who have paid but do not attend the Summit will forfeit their registration fee and no refund will be issued.


3. Overdue Accounts:

Anelich Consulting and the organisers reserve the right to remove any advertisements, editorials, banners and/or marketing activities from all social media platforms, website and the Food and Beverage Reporter for overdue and/or unpaid accounts/invoices.

  • A 10% interest charge will be levied on overdue accounts older than 60 days.
  • Unpaid accounts older than 90 days will be handed over to debt collection.


4. Communication:

By registering for the Food Safety Summit 2024, you consent to be contacted by Anelich Consulting and certain sponsors or representatives of these entities.


5. Speakers and Programme:

  • All speakers and panellists are subject to availability.
  • The programme is subject to change.
  • The FSS24 organisers reserve the right to deal exclusively with all invited speakers and/or panellists.
  • Speakers may present virtually and all reasonable efforts will be made to have them available for live Q & A sessions.


6. Delegates:

  • Anelich Consulting and the FSS24 organisers reserve the right of admission.
  • Only delegates who have paid in full and provided proof of payment will be confirmed as registered and be allowed access to the Summit.


7. Students:

    • Students must provide certified proof of registration at a higher learning institution for 2024 to qualify for the student registration fee.


8. Liability:

  • The FSS24 organisers accept no responsibility for any damages if the Summit does not take place due to any obstacle or hindrance outside the control of the organisers, which the organisers could not reasonably have foreseen when accepting the registration form and which the organisers could not have avoided at a reasonable effort or cost.
  • Such obstacles and hindrances include, but are not limited to, the outbreak of war, civil riots, governmental or other obstacles for the freedom of travel, union actions, natural disasters, fire, flooding and any other circumstances that fall within the meaning of the above.
  • Neither the FSS24 organisers nor any other party associated with the Event (nor any of their agents and/or representatives) will, under any circumstances, be liable for any injury, loss and/or damages, whether special, general, direct, indirect and/or consequential, suffered by the delegate, his/her family members, employees, invitees, guests and/or customers, arising directly and/or indirectly from the Event. All warranties (whether express or implied) relating to the Event are excluded. The Food Safety Summit 2024 accepts no liability for any loss and/or damages whatsoever that the delegate, his/her family members, employees, invitees, guests and/or customers may suffer in connection with and/or arising directly and/or indirectly from the Event or otherwise (including loss of profit, loss of business and/or any other type of economic loss). The delegate hereby indemnifies FSS24 and any other party associated with the Event against all claims of whatsoever nature that may be made against FSS24 and/or such other party arising directly and/or indirectly from the Event. The delegate is responsible for taking, and is encouraged to take, appropriate insurance cover in connection with the foregoing.


9. Photography and Videography Disclosure:

The delegate hereby:

  • Consents to FSS24 and/or their representatives taking photographs and/or video recordings at the Event of all Event related activities and parties, including the delegate.
  • Permits FSS24 and/or their representatives to use and distribute such footage, which may feature images of the delegate, in advertising, social media posts, promotions and/or other such marketing endeavours and/or documents of FSS24 and/or their representatives, whether in hardcopy, electronically or otherwise.
  • Waives his/her right to inspect and/or approve the photographs and/or video recordings and/or other finished products incorporating such graphics, including copies that may be created and/or appear in connection therewith.
  • Consents to FSS24 owning the copyright in such photographs and/or video recordings and/or derivatives thereof, with the delegate waiving any claims based on the usage thereof and/or the works derived therefrom.

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