Preliminary Programme

Preliminary Programme Layout

Theme: Every Link in the Food Chain Matters

Our theme for 2024 is all about highlighting the close interconnectedness of the food chain from farm to fork. We will be exploring how what happens in one sector of the food chain, affects the rest of the chain downstream. The human element will always remain important and that remains an essential part of the programme, with an interactive session and role play planned for the first time this year!

Several Keynote Speakers


  • Primary production and food safety
  • Water quality in South Africa and impact on the food industry
  • Food Safety Management
  • Warehousing and distribution challenges, including the cold chain
  • Consumer products widely consumed focusing on perishables
  • Consumer understanding of food safety

Panel Discussions

  • Legislation
  • Product testing
  • Sharing data
  • Hygienic design of equipment
  • Back to basics
  • Cleaning and disinfection

Interactive Session with role play:

  • People – Issues that motivate and demotivate employees in the food industry

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